Yheti and the Ebisu Sound Crew at R2

Triston Duenas, staff writer


The event hosted on Sept. 28 by The Untz, Ebisu Sound, and the Rouge Agency attracted many music fans from all over Central VA to Rapture in Charlottesville to see musical artist Yheti. This was Ebisu Sound’s biggest event yet.

Ebisu Sound is a local music group comprised of DJs such as Sunrizen, be.IN, and Chamelyon; also known as Clayton Hamshar, Shane Mitchell and Forest Lyon. The group has recently emerged after the founding members graduated from James Madison University (JMU). Ebisu has since hosted several shows around Charlottesville, including a rave called W!n.

The DJs spent weeks preparing for this event by creating new tracks and practicing for hours on end for this back to back to back. A back to back to back is where three DJs play together on one set of equipment.

“This night is gonna be huge”, exclaimed the members of Ebisu Sound. The DJs waited outside of the club eagerly as R2 opened up at 9 p.m.  By then, there was a large crowd outside of the door; as soon as security opened it, people piled in.

Photography courtesy of Skylar Trent

Photography courtesy of Skylar Trent

The crowd was greeted by ticket and ID checks but as soon as everyone was through the line they were introduced to the Ebisu Sound crew. The Ebisu DJs stood back to back to back ushering out tracks that made the crowd go wild. VJ Lysergicat produced trippy visuals such as edited versions of the popular television show Rick and Morty to accompany the songs and further add to the concert experience.

One of the crowd members said, “This is the best I’ve ever seen them play.”

The event had a full bar inside of the club along with a regular the bar inside of Rapture. The bartenders  somehow could hear your  orders over the powerful, bass-filled music.

Yheti eventually came on stage and  filled the dance floor up full of people. Everyone was elbow to elbow yet dancing  violently that it was amazing no one got hurt.

After his set had rocked everyone’s bodies into submission, the DJ came out onto the dance floor. He did

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