PVCC Hosts One Mic Stand

Michaela Courtney, staff writer

PVCC hosted a One Mic Stand event  featuring the local literary talents of all ages around Charlottesville on Thursday Nov. 9 at 7 p.m. The show included stories, real and fiction, essays, poems, and even comedic acts.

One of the acts consisted of a woman sharing a childhood memory through a story she had written about herself as a 14-year-old. It was about a little white lie she had told when she was younger that lead to a huge mess of a situation, and the comical way she got out of it.

The act after her was a comedian acting as a priest, telling jokes about “his job.” Another comedian also had the crowd laughing at his relatable comedy about every day things.

The several poets to get up there shared their deep and dark thoughts and creations that the audience listened to intensely.

Another woman shared an essay she had written about a personal experience at a politically controversial football game this fall. Her views were listened to respectively by the audience.

The host, Destiny, kept the crowd involved all night and encouraged each act as they came to and left the stage.

The audience consisted of about three rows of about 10 chairs. Every chair was filled, and there were each some people sitting on the floor just to stay and see each act. The room was dramatically dark, with a spot light on the small stage with a microphone and a chair.

Every act was given a motivating round of applause from the enticed audience. The attention from the crowd was obvious. Their wide-eyed incentive glares said it all.

After the event completed, a man said aloud, “Wow, what a show!”


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