The Drive of David Small

Triston Duenas, staff writer

Photography courtesy of David Small

Photography courtesy of David Small

Teacher of television production at Fluvanna County High School David Small is known to students as an energetic and hardworking man. Always up to something, Small finds ways to consistently drive students to get the job done.

Small says he was inspired to teach by his high school drama teacher, Mike Sullivan, who “talked to us like regular people but commanded respect.” Small said that he liked the fact that Sullivan could play around and not take things too seriously while still teaching his drama students effectively.

The television production class Small teaches is among one of the most sought after electives for students at Fluvanna County High School. He also teaches leadership and outdoor adventure at Fluvanna. Small says that he does not have a favorite but instead enjoys different aspects of each class.

It can actually be difficult to find students who speak ill of him. His secret? Small says, “I just do my thing and like being in the moment. I try not to put on airs.”

Small’s life outside of school is packed full of adventure. He enjoys swimming, mountain biking and hiking with his wife. He goes caving with other teachers. He also likes to make cheesy horror movies and watch films with his son.

Small’s newest role is teaching television production at Fluvanna County High School. He taught theater at Fluvanna from 1992-2000 and at Charlottesville High School from 2000-2009. Small says switching it up has allowed each job to “feel fresh and brand new each time.”

Small is always energetic and eager each morning in class. He says, “It’s the personality traits I’ve had my whole life…I don’t really stress…I connect spiritually with God.” This allows him to remain organized and flexible at the same time.

Some of Small’s students have gone on to do amazing things. He has a few who teach their own television production classes. One went on to work at ABC Television. Recently one of his former students just completed hiking the entire Appalachian Trail.

Small tries to teach his students to follow their passions. He said “Do things you’re passionate about and make that your career.” He said that is the secret to a happy and successful life.


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