SGA Annual Retreat at Wintergreen

Joel Gibbons, Staff Writer


This weekend, the PVCC Student Government Association (SGA) held a retreat at the illustrious Wintergreen resort in order to select committee members and to connect as a group.

The event began at the Wintergreen lobby at 5 p.m. on Friday, where members congregated and met each other, some for the first time. Then the group headed outside for a team building exercise that helped demonstrate togetherness through connective rope that was passed between the representatives. The rope demonstrated the connection between each facet of the group and the different groups within the school. SGA represents not only the governing body, but all the clubs within PVCC, making this retreat that much more important for a healthy school environment. After the exercise and dinner, the SGA members adjourned to the executive cabin for a karaoke party. Many member’s voices were heard and surprisingly a few talented singers took the stage to serenade the PVCC student leaders.

On Saturday it was all business for the SGA. The day began with another team building exercise followed by committee meetings. Eleven positions needed to be filled for the five student committees. The Administrative and Services Committee discusses changes to the school and how to manage them and only requires one member. The Appeals Committee meets to review and rule on appeals for campus rule infractions like parking tickets. This committee requires two members. The Curriculum and Instruction Committee reviews new courses and improves current course, and requires two members. The Enrollment Committee is a sub-committee of the Student Services Committee, which reviews matters concerning student life including financial aid and admission appeals. The Student Services Committee has five members including the SGA president. The Enrollment Committee deals with enrollment improvements and retains one member. The last and new Committee was the Violence Prevention Committee, which is a committee designed to protect the student body on campus and also retains two members. Sofia Keniston was elected to the Administrative Services Committee. Cambria Kowalzik and Evelin Sorto-Gnevara were elected to the Appeals Committee. Nicole Rodgers and Cara Warren were elected to the Curriculum and Instruction Committee. Nicole Rodgers was also elected to the Enrollment Committee. The Student Services Committee elected Shannon Gregory, Ivan Hernandez, Sofia Keniston, Bryanna Griego, and Jovana Trejo-Zuniga. The Violence Prevention Committee received Maggie Poulsen and Shannon O’Brien as the inaugural members. Sofia Keniston and Cara Warren were elected as Student Senators with Bryanna Griego as an alternate.

As a member of the SGA, I recognized the importance of these exercises and meetings because they give the SGA an opportunity to unite and create a stronger, more effective government. This trip was not just an opportunity for the representatives to learn about each other, but to give insight to all members on the countless world views held throughout this school.  Without an open view of the school, no improvements can be made.

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