Things I Wish I Had Known Earlier

Antonia Florence, PVCC Alumnus

Your journey through Piedmont Virginia Community College may seem overwhelming at times. What should I do? How will I do it? What if I need help? These and many other questions are valid and deserve to be answered. Most answers can be found by becoming familiar with the college and all that it offers. There are many ways to do this.

One way is to read the PVCC website thoroughly. It contains information about academic and personal services, scholarships and financial aid, and clubs and organizations, including whom to contact for more information. You may not need the services, programs, or activities offered at that moment, but you or a friend may be interested in the future.

Do not be afraid to ask questions. If you need clarification about classwork or are having difficulty completing homework, talk to your instructors.  PVCC has a Writing Center, Math Center, and tutors at no charge. Explore these options.

If you have a need, ask for help. PVCC takes care of its students and supplies the tools necessary to succeed. Keep in mind, though, the student supplies the effort and desire to learn.

Accepting help is difficult for some students. All the help in the world will not make a difference if it is not accepted. Be gracious and then pay it forward. If you see a classmate struggling, offer help or nudge them in the appropriate direction.

Education should not be all work. Take advantage of the free activities and entertainment opportunities that PVCC offers. Your student vouchers, which can be picked up at the reception desk at the South entrance, allow you free admission to shows that non-students pay a lot of money for.   

Help your journey through PVCC be more productive and fun by knowing what is available. Join a club to find a new interest or expand an existing one, make friends and network. Ask questions, accept help, and pay it forward. Pick up your student vouchers, and take advantage of the free programs. Enjoy your time at PVCC.

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