Summer Fun

Brennan Tanner, staff writer

I was once mighty mountains,

I held a king’s ransom in wealth,

But the wind, the ice, the rain,

They broke me down, stole my wealth.

Over time, I drifted, my body did decay,

One stone to another,

and then to earth and for a while I stay.

What am I?


I have two long fangs,

I can eat a thousand sheep,

And leave only cloth.


First, when someone has a need for silence,

They set a finger to their lips.

Then when times are tight,

and few have heard the call,

those who do respond we ask to give their…?


And both of these together spun and woven tight,

Wraps around and keeps us warm,

many a winter’s night.

What am I?


Twelve sunshine princesses, dancing in the light,

But as the sun goes down they meet the princes dark, and bright.

Together at the sunset, together at its rise,

The same old cycle, over again,

an endless reprise.

Who are they?



I went and caught a falling blue star,

it’s small and cool on my hand,

And now it is here I wear it on my finger,

in a band.



More mighty than the sword,
The creator of the written word,

Summons voices from a deep dark well,

Calls forth the dead, their stories to tell.



I am hard as crystal, as clear as ice,

With as many shapes as there are grains of rice,

I help you see both near and far,

From the words on a page, to a faraway star,

If joined with silver then magic I can do,

For with no camera, in me you’ll see you.



comic morris


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