Review: Poke Sushi Bowl

Tucker Noelke, staff writer

New to the already diverse series of unique restaurants on the UVA Corner, located on 14th Street NW, is Poke Sushi Bowl.  Its healthy and trendy menu make it a popular choice among the college community.

I walked in to find a line of students patiently waiting. Grace Deal, who attends the University of Virginia, said, “Living five minutes from the Corner, I eat a lot of my meals on the Corner. I found myself eating at the same restaurants, so having Poke gives me another option that is fresh and new.”  Poke allows its customers to order a signature Poke bowl, or one can make their own custom order.

Starting at the front, the customer is able to pick from white or brown sushi rice as the base of the meal. Next, a protein is picked by the customer. A customer can pick from many options from tofu, to shrimp, and my favorite, salmon. Customers are then able to add in toppings. In my sushi bowl, added in with my white rice and salmon, I picked edamame, mango, cucumber, and seaweed. I then topped it off with traditional soy sauce. My custom bowl was fresh and filled with flavor. With the wide variety of different ingredients I couldn’t imagine ever making a bowl that wasn’t tasty.

Poke is open from 11am to 10pm, Monday through Sunday. The small restaurant building has limited seating inside, but they have outside seating as well. The employees were more than happy to encourage me to try new things and were pleasant all around.

Poke’s new take on sushi is one that can not be found anywhere else in Charlottesville. As a sushi lover, Poke is a new and exciting way to eat sushi. Prices start at $10 for one bowl, but the size and quality do make it well worth it.

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