Photograph by Samantha Prentiss

Photograph by Samantha Prentiss

  A good, quick, and cheap meal seems to be in demand amongst college students in the Charlottesville area. “You can never have too many good places to eat,” says local second-year University of Virginia student Matt Gosnell. Many college kids are continuously looking for cheap and fast restaurants to provide them with dinner for their busy nights.

In January of 2012, a small carryout oriented restaurant named Two Guys Tacos opened up in the UVA region of Charlottesville. Located at 101 14th street, Two Guys Tacos stands on ground level with a designer shop overhead.No bigger than a couple of tables and a kitchen, Two Guys Tacos sells anything from nachos, burritos, quesadillas and, of course, even tacos.

I sat down with Steven Martin, co-owner of the small restaurant, and we talked  about  how the business  has been doing . “All businesses start off slow,” says Martin, “but eventually more and more people will hear about you and it’s the good food that makes them come back for more. Word of mouth is the best kind of advertising there is.” Martin seemed excited to explain  how he has seen a significant increase in business, specifically in the past year.

Most small restaurants in the UVA area usually fail due to the business drought that is caused by students leaving. Currently, Two Guys Tacos only has seven employees; however, Martin explains, “During the summer and long breaks, we usually cut back our hours and only have about 4 or 5 employees.” Because of that, Two Guys Tacos has been able to stay open for two years and shows no sign of stopping.

When asked if Two Guys Tacos will expand, Martin laughed and told me, “As of right now, we are the one and only (Two Guys Tacos). We might buy a food truck to go to tailgates and music festivals though.” If you want three warm and delicious tacos for only six dollars, then Two Guys Tacos is the place to go.

Photograph by Samantha Prentiss

Photograph by Samantha Prentiss

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